Hyperactive Children

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  • Published : November 13, 2007
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Hyperactive or Simply Undisciplined?
In today's culture there seems to be a new label and treatment for temper tantrum prone children. Rather than a child identified as "bad" or "wild", they are now diagnosed with a disease called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Instead of counteracting such behavior with physical or psychological punishment, these children are often prescribed medication. The effects of parents not disciplining children are evident by the overuse of ADHD diagnoses, which lead to children living under the influence of medication. Doctors and other experts are diagnosing more rambunctious children with ADHD simply because parents are not enforcing appropriate and consistent discipline.

Baum and Olenchak state, "Misdiagnosis can often worsen the situation and contribute to the student's continued failure to be successful in the learning environment" (1). These misdiagnoses can interfere with a child's day-to-day life and further development as a contributing person to the entire world. There is even the problem of a child being diagnosed with ADHD while actually being gifted and creative. The behaviors of a gifted child and a child with ADHD are very much alike (Baum and Olenchak 2). This possibility makes the detecting of ADHD a much more complicated process. Simply put, since there are not any foolproof means of diagnosing such needs, labeling problems, or prescribing solutions to children with such needs, a cautious course is recommended (Baum and Olenchak 12).

The overused and sometimes-misdiagnosed disease of ADHD normally leads to some type of medicinal intervention. This is obviously of some economical worth to pharmaceutical companies. The downside to such involvement is the effects of medication on the child. As stated by Bower, "It's not known whether years of stimulant use benefit children with ADHD or, perhaps, cause nervous-system damage" (2). There are also other ADHD intervention such as...
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