Hygiene and Good Meal Women

Topics: Hygiene, Laundry, Washing Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Domestic Chores
For centuries domestic work has been women`s domain. Practically all housework has been always done by women. Women cooked, peeled vegetables and cut meat to make dinner. Women had to stand for hours near the stove stirring the contents of the pans. Men came home, and ate all the food, leaving piles of dirty dishes. After a good meal women had to clear away the table and wash up. Washing-up is, actually, one of the most hateful domestic chores. Scraping the scraps of solid food from the dishes and then monotonously rubbing them with a soapy sponge will bore anyone. Plates can be put on a dish-drainer, but glassware and crockery should be dried with a tea towel. Otherwise there remain spots on them. Time to waste. To do something with this evil in the course of time men invented food-processors, microwave ovens and dishwashing machines. Of course, they are nice things, especially the last two. Food-processors are not bad either, but if a woman does not need big amounts of cut vegetables or freshly squeezed juice, a food-processor does not save time at all. It takes too much time first to adjust it and then to wash it. Women have forever washed piles of linen. Hand washing left them exhausted and ruined their hands, because they had to pour out hot water into the basin and wash then rinse the laundry in cold water, sometimes bleach it and finally wring the water out. Delicate hands could not stand the procedure. Men invented automatic washing machines. This is a real labour-saving device unless you use the wrong detergent and it gets broken. And anyway, it can spin-dry the laundry, but can not hang it out and iron it. Women iron the linen on ironing-boards as they always have dope. Women have always tidied up the house, its cleanliness being a law. They swept up the dirt, watered the pot plants, and washed the floors, dirty with foot-marks because little children forgot to wipe their feet. They dusted the furniture and put things in their places....
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