Hydroelectric Dams

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Hydroelectric Dams


In this Alternative Energy Project you are going to read about Hydroelectric Dams, and learn how Hydroelectric Dams work. You will also be reading the disadvantages and advantages of hydroelectric dams, and more.

How does Hydroelectric Dams work?

Hydroelectric Dams works by letting the energy of the water flow turn into an electric voltage. Then water goes through a series of turbines, then the water makes the turbines turn, and then it creates electricity for us to use.

Where Hydroelectric Dam were created?

Hydroelectric Dams were first created in Northumberland, England in the year 1887, in a home that was powered by a hydroelectric dam for the first time.

Where Hydroelectric Dams are used?

Hydroelectric Dams are used in many countries like China, Canada, Brazil, United States of America, Russia, Norway, India, Venezuela, Japan, Sweden, Paraguay, and France. It is also used here in Canada in provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Yukon and Saskatchewan. (There is a map provided that tells you what countries or provinces use hydroelectric dams.)

Advantages of Hydroelectric Dams
Some advantages of hydroelectric dam is that they do not pollute the air or the earth. To make a hydroelectric dam it costs a lot of money, unless the 4
dam is going to be built for floods or irrigation, and if so the cost of building the dam will be shared. Hydroelectric dams is renewable because the sun makes the water evaporate from the oceans, or sea so we keep having water run though the dam and the dam keeps creating electricity for us. Hydroelectric dams are not available to everyone because not everyone lives in a neighbourhood that has water near their house, but people who do live near the water have access to the dams.

Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Dams
Hydroelectric dams can...
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