Hurt the Ones We Love

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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Hurt Less; Love More (Love Guide for Dummies)
If love hurts, why do people still fall in love? Eight years ago today, I saw him; There he stood, a tall, dark, and mysterious man. I had never felt so treasured, cared for, sexy, and adored, all at one time. Dreams really do come true. I found my Prince Charming, and he will whisk me away on his noble steed. I truthfully believed my Black Prince had come to save me so that I would live in love forever. What is forever? Well, obviously, love is not in the equation for me. That relationship forced me to take a long, deep look at myself. Why do I love so eagerly? We crave love, “but it can be part of believing in it, and relying on ourselves for protection” (Hasselstrom 359). I craved hearing the words I love you, although; I knew the meaning behind the words was empty. Love; what does it mean and why do we tend to hurt the ones that we say that we love? Time has passed, though; it did not heal my wounds, but what I did with my time helped me comprehend the pain. The absence of mutual love really hurts. A decisions’ made to become someone’s friend; I chose to fall in love. It seems as if it just sneaks upon you. Love should be a mutual bond between two people and when we grow up, and start to date, we discover a very interesting phenomenon: when we fall in love, we receive a lot of energy: attention, interest, time, love etc.) for free. It’s a good feeling to get a constant reminder that your sweetheart loves you and we cannot really get too much of a confirmation about their feelings for us. Nevertheless, saying and hearing 'I love you' too often, may lose its meaning, as it becomes a meager habit. Have you ever dated a person and they become becomes magically in love after two weeks? It is more important to back up what we say with the tangible gestures and behaviors that illustrate to our partner we love them; rather than keep chanting the words instinctively. The picture illustrates this: you love each other,...
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