Hurt People Hurt People

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  • Published : October 2, 2010
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Hurt People Hurt People

A Critique

Lynetric Rivers
Liberty University

COUN 507 B01 Summer 2010
Term Deadline: 6/13/2010
Instructor’s Name: Diane Powell
Hurt People Hurt People
A Critique

Dr. Wilson opens her book by stating, “It’s true, isn’t it? Hurt people hurt people.” (2001 pg.9) It is Dr. Wilson’s belief that by shedding light on Hurt People Hurt People she shows a cycle that can be broken. Wilson explores unseen wounds, how they are created through childhood, and caretakers within our lifetime. Dr.Wilson exhaustively demonstrates the help there is for the different wounds and how to heal them. She provides information for healing self inflected wounds, worshipers and parents. Wilson concludes her thoughts with help f or hopeful tomorrow. Dr. Wilson believes when hurts are to seen it does not mean they are not real. Unfortunately in society it is reinforced if the wound is not bleeding or unseen they are not real. Wilson says, “Many doubt the reality of wounds unless a person can display scars from physical abuse.” (2001, pg.27) Dr. Wilson shows the beginning of a cycle. When unseen wounds go unrecognized how are they ever healed? Not only do the wounds go unhealed but now there are more hurt people. “If I’m correct in my assertion that hurt people hurt people, we have a major problem. By ignoring scores of hurt people because their injuries remain invisible to us, we are creating a new generation of hurtful people.” (2001, pg. 26) She elaborates on shame and how it is related with the unseen wounds. “Shame is rooted in the lie that human beings can and should be perfect.” (2001, pg.17) By understanding shame the author enables the reader to make the connection between shame and unseen wounds can blind and bind us. It is unfortunate, as this continues the cycle of how hurt people hurt people. Dr....
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