Hurricane Sandy

Topics: New York City, New Jersey, Manhattan Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Hurricane Sandy Aftermath
Hurricane Sandy hit New York hard. Power was lost; there were floods, several casualties and deaths. But the neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan, Red Hook and Gowanus areas of Brooklyn, and Staten Island were perhaps one of the greatest affected by this natural disaster. Because scientists are predicting that by 2100, the century event of Hurricane Sandy will be an annual occurrence. So, because of this, the question of “How can we protect New York from this in the future?” is raised. This is what the article “Protecting the City, Before Next Time” by Alan Feur talks about. It proposed three ‘solutions’ to help New York adapt to natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy. So, the problem is that the sea levels are rising, the time between natural disasters are decreasing and New Yorkers must choose a plan to deal with these disasters. This is a problem because there are many proposals there is still no final answer. This article addresses three of them. One, that helps lower Manhattan, is to marsh-ify the edges and streets of the city to deal with flooding in a robust way. Another way is for the Brooklyn area, to make artificial shellfish nurseries to filter the water and to mitigate onrushing tides. The last proposal is for the neighborhood of Staten Island. The idea is to construct a damlike structure with suspension towers that would span Arthur Kill, a tidal straight that separates Staten Island from the mainland of New Jersey. All three are separate proposals that have different things that are good about them.

After reading this article, the best proposal is for Lower Manhattan. This is the best choice because it’s practical. It’s practical because it uses something that already happens in nature, which proves that it works. It’s also practical because it doesn’t claim to stop flooding by making huge sea walls, or barriers, which is almost impossible (and expensive) to keep out Mother Nature. Their goal is to design a more...
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