Hurrican Katrina

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Proposal /Disaster Research
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* My disaster paper will focus mainly on the direct and indirect effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans were made by the community and the state, which also affected New Orleans and surrounding areas. My initial research on this topic of Hurricane Katrina was that, although there was a slew of different aids and reliefs sent to New Orleans and other surrounding areas, there were periods where there wasn’t enough or too much time was taken so that the community and pretty much the federal government could have made a timely contribution.

* This makes my initial response to Hurricane Katrina and its effect on New Orleans and the things that were done to help them a negative response. This is why I am choosing to write about this touching topic, I want to inform readers and people who may not know some approaches taken (and not taken) to help New Orleans and the surrounding areas that were affected.

* The purpose of me writing this argument will be to inform readers, of the direct and indirect effect of Hurricane Katrina. The tone will be informative, this strategy will suit me best for this paper because of the type of incident Hurricane Katrina was. Thesis will definitely be in the first paragraph. Most likely in the middle of the opening paragraph. There possibly will be a refutation, although, where I am going to put one at this point has not be determined.

* My research question will be: What were the direct and indirect effects of Katrina on New Orleans, and what actions were made by the communities and government to effectively help Hurricane Katrina victims.

Proposal /Disaster Research


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* Books
* Scholarly Articles
* Library Database

Proposal /Disaster Research
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The intended audience for my informative paper will be teens and young adults, these seem to be the people who were involved and knew the most about Hurricane...
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