Hunger Games Dystopian World

Topics: Wealth, Government, United States Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Have you ever thought about how a book could relate to our real lives? The Hunger Games is a fine example that shows us what life would be like under a different system of government. In the world of Panem, the Capitol and certain types of districts are very wealthy in terms of food compared to less fortunate districts. What would happen if the USA were split into districts and had to participate in hunting rituals, just for entertainment for others? There would be Class warfare, an overpowered government, and suffering for entertainment.

Imagine a nation where the wealthiest citizens enjoy abundant luxuries while the lowliest struggle to find their next meal. That place could become America if we aren’t careful. The Hunger Games talks about how the Capitol is wealthier than all of the other districts. Some districts are more privileged than others, which allows them to train their tributes better than the poor. This disadvantage is not only unfair, but also allows the Capitol to rule over the other districts unfairly. In the USA there is somewhat equality between all people. Unlike in the movie, we aren’t running low in food and fighting others for it. We also get along with one another unlike the twelve districts and Capitol.

The Capitol holds most of the country’s wealth, allowing the government to control the people in all of the districts across Panem. The Hunger Games are the perfect example of the government’s power and were designed to stop people from rebelling. In the Hunger Games, the citizens of Panem become nothing more than puppets in an elaborate game of life or death. Since only one tribute can win, the tributes are forced to kill other teenagers like them from the other districts and even one from their own district. Now just think about if that could happen in real life. Thankfully, for the time being, it doesn’t look like we are anywhere near that kind of violence and hopefully never will.

Everyone knows about gas chambers. They...
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