Hunger Games

Topics: Starvation, White House, Gladiator Pages: 3 (1165 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The book “The Hunger Games” written by Suzan Colins effectively uses Characterisation and links to famous events like the “gladiatorial fights” and “Alice-’n’-Wonderland” , to portray the nature of violence and the theme of totalitarianism. Suzan Colins links the ideas of “The Hunger Games” to Famous events in history, like the Gladiatorial fights in Rome. The event of “the hunger games” its’ self is a link to the nature of “Gladiatorial fights.” Totalitarianism is shown in “The Hunger Games” though the link of violence and nature to the gladiatorial fights. The “Gladiatorial fights” are when gladiators fight wild animals or each other to death for honours and prizes, but the boss of all the fights is the dictator or the king, he makes sure that the gladiators feel great and in control but they are instead weak and under his control. This is quite the same to “The Hunger Games” as President snow say it for himself that he does not want a strong Gladiator/tribute, “I will not allow any of them get more than they need to live” this tells us that although President Snow is giving the tributes the freedom to kill, he does not what them to get too strong, or else they can rebel and that will embarrass the capitol. This proves to show us how the dictator uses the violent games as entertainment to show his power but also weakens the districts, at the same time. Suzan portrays the theme of totalitarianism by the link between the Hunger Games and the Gladiatorial fights to tell us how the capitol uses violence and embarrassment to show the districts who’s in power. In “The Hunger Games” Characterisation is a unique technique used by Suzan to effectively portray the theme of Totalitarianism. President Snow is like the Queen of hearts in “Alice ‘n’ Wonderland” They are both very easily agitated and look nice and well mannered, but on the inside they are the opposite, like when the Queen of hearts send her troops to paint all the white flowers red; this a example of looking...
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