Humanity Term Paper

Topics: China, History of China, Song Dynasty Pages: 10 (3565 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Dah Chair Wen
Humanity 1020
Humanity Term Paper
I never ever thought that Humanity would be such an interesting course when I choose it as one of my electives. I choose it because it fits into my schedule. After sitting through a few classes, this course has become such an interesting class to take. Even though I would never volunteer to do a term paper on Humanity but I am glad the Gordon Rule of college encourage us to think about how does the past shapes the present and how the present sets the bars for the future. I decided I want to learn more about my own culture. I emigrated from Taiwan to the United States about twenty two years ago. I was raised in a Chinese-American household and being educated in the United States there are a lot of Chinese traditions and influences I do not really understand. This paper is going to help me and my fellow readers understand more about the background and the heritage of the Chinese culture, people, history and the transition from old China to the new Modern China. I hope you enjoy taking this adventure through the Past, Present and Future of the Chinese culture and revolution. China a country rich in cultural history and it’s the third largest country in the world and most populated. China produces many raw materials to the world, steel, jade, and coal are many examples of what China produces. The Chinese government is one of the oldest governments in the world started in 1726. All of these things make up China and we would like to cover a few areas of the China heritage and culture and the cause and effects of the humanity of the Chinese cultural stand point. We will start on the history of China and how the Chinese people’s behavior and point of view were affected by the political stand point of the government. History of China

With the Chinese civilization being one of the oldest civilizations in the entire history of our planet, it would be hard to cover the history of China from the beginning to the end. We would like to focus our learning on the history of China from the Three Kingdom Period. It is the period between the foundation of Wei in 220 B.C and the conquest of Wu in 280 B.C.. The Three Kingdoms period was one of the bloodiest periods in Chinese history, as a large percentage of the population vanished because of the constant wars and battles that were breaking out. Even though the Three Kingdoms period were characterized with war torn battles but many great Chinese inventions were develop around that period. For example the gun powder, Zhuge Liang's wooden ox (a precursor to the wheelbarrow) and our daily necessity the toilet paper. As I learned in Humanity when the people are repressed, the creativity and the curiosity of the people heighten. They start to expand and question ideas and beliefs of the government and policies within the dynasty. The Three Kingdoms period was an important period in Chinese history because like the Romans, This period was the golden period of China where the creativity and ideas was flowing, people was going against the government and the rules and regulation they imposed on peasants. The peasants started to rebel and develop new ideas and ways to improve their quality of life. The most famous epic stories came from The Three Kingdoms period and overturn the unified China that Emperor Qin Shi Huang envisions China to be. This is a major turning point in the history of China and reawakens the Chinese people to think and be creative. “If the Great Way perishes there will morality and duty. When cleverness and knowledge arise great lies will flourish. When relatives fall out with one another there will be filial duty and love. When states are in confusion there will be faithful servants.” Lao Tzu Quotes. 2001-2012 visited April 4th 2012. Arts in China

Whether is ancient or modern art, Chinese art is a visual art that originated and practiced by Chinese artist and...
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