Humanities Thesis Statement Notes

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  • Published : March 1, 2012
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Example #1:
Paragraph 1:
there is a stage called fall of the old regime
economic problem of Debt.
Paragraph 2:
Heavy taxes on lower class
very small bit about media
Paragraph 3:
Media shows inequality through images
Discussion of old regime, high cost of living, taxes, media.

My Thesis: The media brought to light the burden of the heavy taxes and debt which lead to an economic crisis and triggered the revolution.

Actual Thesis: “Media was used to convey ideas of unfairness between the estates during a stage of the Revolution. There were several causes of the revolution, from high bread prices to unpopularity of the king, one of them being unfair taxation among class.”

Example #2:
Paragraph 1:
financial crisis and economic mismanagement.
Debt and taxes that were unfair for lower classes.
Paragraph 2:
Inflation and very poor crop yields were a problem.
Population increased at same time as food problems
Media spread this information during Fall Of The Old Regime. Paragraph 3:
The anger turned to violence and Fall of Old Regime.
Economic problems and debt were major issues exposed by media.

My Thesis: The media broadcasted the financial problems and set a target on the Monarchy, causing the revolution.

Actual Thesis: “There were a few causes of this revolution happening, but there are two main interconnected roots which really gave way to revolt. In fact, economic issues and the spread of rebellious media advertising these issues led to the fall of the Ancien regime which in turn influenced the French people to seek self determination and to revolt for a new republic.”

Example #3:
Paragraph 1-2:
Summary of Louis and Marie Antoinette relationship.
Paragraph 3:
Louis unpopular because of poor economy, debt and food shortages. Paragraph 4:
Brief discussion of how media compared Louis/nobles' lifestyle to peasants lifestyle and how...
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