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It came from the Latin word “humanus” which means refined, culture and human
- Norms, being civilize, and socialize
Cultured - Adaptation to environment (social interaction, norms) Human
- Having the nature of people, being a person



The expression of ourselves without using of words (painting, sculptures, dancing, mosaic, cross stitch, collage, paper and folding)
The study of man’s expression feelings, thought, intuition, values, and ideas
The study of man’s experience, goals, and aspirations
It is used to dramatize individual expressions

Why do we need to study

The humanities serve to provide the student
with certain skills and values through the arts.
Students learn to appreciate the importance of
value that no other subject can describe those
values which are directly an exact.

Aim of Humanities

Medieval Age
The humanities dealt with the metaphysics of the
religious philosopher.

Renaissance Period
To make man richer because during that time only the
rich people can make art like paintings, sculpture and etc.

19th and 20th century
Is to appreciate and understand the importance of
human being, his ideas and aspirations

Other Related fields in
 History
 Literature
 Philosophy
 Religion
 Sociology
 Visual and Performing Arts

It came from the Latin word “ars/artis” which means to do or man made

– It is a medium of expression because through arts we express

our ideas, emotions, feelings, without using words.
– Creative activity which involves skill or expertness in
handling materials and organizing them into a new.

– A thing of beauty having aesthetic value. Obra maestra, provides aesthetic values to the viewers.
– It must have an artistic merit and literary merit.
– It is a symbolic state of meaning rather having a practical function. Example:


The Last Supper

Madonna and child

Mona Lisa

Banaue Rice Terraces

Driven our existence

Satisfies the needs for personal expression

Develop our skills to express ourselves

Challenge us to see things differently

It unleash our hidden desires and passion

It can change our ways in life

To see the truth that we might understand before

It gives pleasure, satisfaction and gratification

To express beauty
 It gives man moment of relaxation and spiritual
 It serves as a channel of man’s passion
 Arts reformed man
 Overcomes the feelings of restlessness and

Best selling - it is very popular in its day, or is produced by an artist who has done other very popular piece.

Ground breaking- that it does not follow regular convention or already tried artistic methods real closely. It is not, in short, just one more soap opera following an old, old formula, no matter how well done.

Inherently beautiful - means just as the art critics do
require and demand that a work of art have an inner
harmony, beauty, and emotional/intuitive meaning that
are unified, strong and intense, and deeply moving to
us. Something that appeals to your senses and

I. By the Audience
- focus on how audience classified arts

Performing Arts- something an artist used body as a medium.
An art form that is moving from one place to another.
Example: play, movies, live music, movies/TV, operas,
mime, puppetry, acrobatic, dance, and ballet


Visual Arts- usually exist in two dimensional form and stay in one place. Something that we see and hear.
Example: painting, photography, drawing, films,
sculpture, engraving, wooden...
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