Human Trafficking Narrative Essay

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Human trafficking, Sexual intercourse Pages: 5 (1855 words) Published: August 12, 2012
March 11, 2012
Lives Ruined in Traffic

Niculae GAMENŢ-ANTONIU mentions a young 19 year old young women, who lived in Serbia, was without a job in a poor economical situation. She was living with her father, who was an abusive alcoholic. After being abused enough by her father, she decided to start searching for a job not only in her hometown , but also in its surrounding areas. She applied for a waitress job, earned the job and moved to the new town. The owner never paid her the settled salary, treated her in a very unprofessional manner and sexually harassed her. Under these conditions she trusted a close friend who was a man (she would eventually find out he was her boss’ friend) who offered her a job in a well known Italian resort, where she was supposed to work for famous clients. She agreed to work for a 1000 EURO salary. With the help of a close friend, the man who had recruited her provided a false passport for her and moved her to North Italy. Immediately after her arriving there, all her documents were taken away from her and the leader of the criminal grouping forced her to work as a street prostitute from Trevizo to Mestre (11km). In this area the Serbian, Albanian and Russian Mafia operated, organizing the sex market. When she found out and refused to do this, she was beaten and raped for 3 days and 3 nights, which also happened to other women who put up resistance. As a result of this traumatic experience she gave up and went out in the street, but having in mind the plan to evade as soon as the occasion occurred. She gained 800 EUROS a night and she had to hand over the money to the trafficking grouping. After 10 days she managed to escape with the help of an Italian client, succeeding in reaching the Serbian border where she exposed the entire case to the frontier police. Most members of the grouping were arrested and the case was investigated by the Belgrade organized crime special court. Although the victim received professional assistance and care both in the shelter and in hospital, she tried to commit suicide twice(151). This is just one situation where one young women’s life is dramatically turned by a group of sex traffickers. Sex traffickers are part of a global issue that must be confronted. Sex traffickers enslaving women as young as 16 years of age, sex trafficking results in destructive physical, emotional, and psychological effects that often require years before the victim of sex trafficking recovers.

In order to snare young women, sex traffickers look for those who fit the “perfect victim” profile and who can be easily lured with “false promises.” Robert Uy said:
“Imagine for a second a person who was sixteen when she first started working for her employer. At the age of 19, this person was offered a chance to come to the United States with her employer. Then picture that once she arrived, she had her passport taken away, was forced to work seven days a week, sixteen hours a day for nineteen years, was not allowed to leave the home of her employers, faced constant threats, and was barely paid a $1,000 per year, during that nineteen-year period. Imagine if this person was told that that she had entered the United States illegally, was isolated by language, and had her movement severely constrained. Now stop imagining. This story is real and is what the trafficking survivor in United States v. Calimlim faced.”(212) This is a great example of how the “perfect victim” is chosen. Most of the time the young women who is being chosen comes from a poor upbringing with no work available. Sex traffickers pick up on this and attempt to lure in the young women with “false dreams” and take advantage of their ignorance. Perhaps the young women is still a virgin. She is lured by a sex trafficker and raped on video. The sex trafficker knowing that she is a muslim threatens to show her father the video of her being raped unless she agrees to work for the sex traffickers. The young women agrees because...
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