Human Sexualtiy

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Marriage, Love Pages: 2 (802 words) Published: September 3, 2012
How This Course Impacted My Views on Sexuality
Prior to taking this course, I was hesitated about taking it in person because it involves much discussion about sex, a topic which was forbidden to talk about when I was growing up, since I am as curious as George, the less I know makes the more I want to learn. Sex has always been a subject behind closed doors, even here in the states, after living in the states for over 20 years, I realized that as open minded as other countries think we Americans are, we are just as clueless about sex as they are if not less knowledgeable because some other cultures tend to pass on the experience of sex. I am really thankful that we now have the opportunity to take courses such as Human Sexuality, which gave me a thorough and better understanding about this important topic in human lives. But the best part about taking this course is as I am learning from the course; I am also passing on the knowledge to my wife and others whom are too shy to take this class, so they can gain from it as well. The three goals set to help us understand sexuality at the beginning of the course had achieved their purpose, at least for me, because I now have the scientific knowledge of sexuality, know the detail physiological functions and anatomy of genitals of both genders, know the techniques to enhance pleasure which makes sex more enjoyable for me and my wife, have a better understanding for other sexual orientations and most importantly, have an in-depth understanding of knowing how to prevent myself and others from unwanted pregnancies. Although I am married now, chances for us to have a child is close to zero because I got my vasectomy done already, but I can pass on the knowledge because others like my child and people around me can still benefit from what I’ve learned. As much as we all know we should be wearing a condom when having sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but in the heat of the moment some of us tend to forget to put one on...
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