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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Definition of Management Information Systems
by Kenneth Hamlett, Demand Media

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* Differences Between Human Resource Management Systems & Human Resource Information Systems * What Are the Basic Kinds of Reports Produced by a Management Information System? Many companies have entire departments devoted to managing, maintaining and configuring their management information systems. MIS began in the late 1960s and really gained ground in the 1990s. Because a MIS represents a significant investment for most organizations, small businesses must perform thorough due diligence before deciding to implement a new system or overhaul existing systems. Sponsored Link

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Management information systems refer to the practice of integrating computer systems, hardware and software used to meet an organization’s strategic goals. A MIS basically provides companies with four different types of information: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. A MIS has become very important in the areas of strategic support, data processing and managing by objectives. Because a MIS provides enormous amounts of information many companies think they make great investments. This holds true only if the information gained from the MIS generates a change in a company’s harmful behavior. Descriptive Information

Descriptive information provided by a MIS gives a company the “what is” state of the business. Descriptive, or “what is” information, provides the business with pertinent information that captures a specific moment during the company’s operation. Examples of “what is” information include sales reports,...
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