Human Relations and Scientific Management

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Đặng Hà Chi

During the period of the nineteen and twenty century, the world industry had reshaped itself with the new present of technology and information transfer in new manner. In the complex situation of the economy, F.W Taylor(1856-1917), published his principles in managing which was called Scientific Management and had been popular as the core managing style for various business models up to now. Scientific Management focuses on logical task provision and maximising productivity based on task performance. A few years after Taylor' death, Elton Mayo(1880-1949) made a significant movement in managing perception rooted in Hawthorne 's experiences at an electric company. The new perception quoted that managing an organisation was not only maximising productivity, it was also about satisfy organisation internal people 's needs. By this way or another, there are gain and loss, which will be clarified hereafter.

To begin with gain by each approach, Scientific in particular, providing logical principles in working processes in a manner of analysing discrete tasks, finding one best way in practise, choosing suitable people respectively to accomplish the tasks. By this way, clear tasks were for clear individuals which helps increasing productivity by assigning right people for the right jobs, avoiding responsibility denying and easier in measuring work performance. Scientific Management was the orthodox foundation in modern business management models. Later revolution in managing had relied on its principles up to now. Besides that, Human relations Approach did have pretty different in perception. It had pointed out the important in human behaviour at work and the development of management thinking. In this case, managers behaviour was a vital aspect of motivation and improved performance. Furthermore, maintaining good relation among group of people, sharing feelings with staffs emphasised on the needs of social organization and generating working...
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