Human Mods at the Muriwai Coastal Environment

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Human Modifications at the Muriwai Coastal Environment

You may be asked to explain how human modifications (or interventions) have effected Natural Processes. This may be in an essay or with the use of diagrams, or both. Remember the key here is the effect on natural processes.

Be careful not to go into detail about the human intervention, that is not the purpose of the question. Remember to include sketches / diagrams / maps. A good example would be: “this shows the natural process before the human intervention. The next sketch shows how the Natural Process operates after the human intervention.

Human modifications at MCE and the processes that have been affected:

* Human modification 1:
Construction of Sea Wall
A sea wall, called a Gabion Basket, has been erected at the southern end of the beach. This was constructed to protect the headland from further wave erosion and to ensure the pedestrian pathway stayed open for access to the headland. The wall is ____________metres long and was built in _________. * Processes affected:

The main processes affected are wave refraction, wave erosion and coastal transportation. The waves refract around the headland and attack the sides of the headland. Because of the sea wall the waves can no longer attack the side of the Otakimiro Headland. This means the waves no longer erode the northern side of the headland and material, such as Awhitu sand stone and volcanic rock are no longer eroded and deposited in to the sea at Muriwai. Because of the lack of erosion, the amount of sediment transported northward, up the beach, is also affected. This human modification and its impact on processes can be summed up in the following diagrams. (complete appropriate diagrams)

* Human modification 2:
Construction of Revetment (boulders dumped next to sea wall at southern end of beach). Large, angular boulders have been dumped next to the seas wall at the southern end of the beach. This is to disperse the energy...
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