Human Magnetism

Topics: Male, Trait, Female Pages: 7 (1863 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Human Magnetism

By Taryn Dixon & Joshua Robinson
December 5, 2012
Ms. Woodson
Table of Contents
1. Purpose…………………………pg.3
2. Background Research…………
3. Hypothesis……………………
4. Experiment……………………
5. Results…………………………
6. Conclusions……………………
7. Bibliography……………………pg.14
8. Further Investigations…………
9. Acknowledgements……………
The purpose of this investigation is to determine how a person’s physical features affect who they are attracted to.
How do a person’s physical features affect who they are attracted to? Using normal characteristics such as eyes, hair, and height, 120 people will be surveyed in order to observe how characteristics affect attraction.

Background Research
What we as humans find attractive is mainly based on a mixture of biology, beliefs, and individual preferences. What really determines human attraction? It can’t just be simple life styles causing infatuation. Deep inside the science of attraction, are concepts of animal behavior. The main three determinants of attraction found in the research for this investigation are views of oneself, survival of the fittest, and natural selection. This is the mixture that brings humans together.

There are specific reasons behind why certain people are attracted to others. Usually females look for the “fittest” male. These would consist of good looks, intelligence, strength, mental stability, financial stability, and charisma. Key characteristics mentioned like intelligence, strength, and mental and financial stability show that their partners can survive and thrive in their environment. Charles Darwin’s “survival-of-the-fittest” laws are true to this day and do apply to humans; men or women exemplifying attractive traits of looks or success are more likely to find partners and reproduce.

A person’s self view can also determine attraction. Humans, like other animals chase traits they desire. Studies show that confidence is a good thing in dating, but it can also cloud your vision of how others look if there is too much. Therefore, if someone doesn’t like how they look, per say, they will seek partners with traits unlike theirs most likely. The vice versa would go with if someone really admired a certain trait of theirs. Dating is all about reproduction, and if they desire a trait on themselves they’ll desire that trait in their offspring.

Offspring is a common topic in this investigation because it is our primitive instinct. For humans to flourish, we must keep having sex and making babies. That’s where natural selection comes in. Natural selection is the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. The effect this has on relationships is this theory of genetics playing a part in an individual being able to reproduce. When looking for a partner, “Someone genetically different (not related in any form or fashion); someone healthy, socially compatible, some who’s going to provide necessary support for child rearing and nesting” is what we instinctively look for. Hence is why in cases of older men and women who are looking to have children, men look at a women’s breasts and thighs (child nesting and nurturing), and women look at strength and good values (child rearing and discipline). Behind all of the current dating tactics, such as flirting, is a primitive instinct: the simple, natural human magnetism.

It is hypothesized that a person’s traits would cause them to be attracted to people who have traits unlike their own.

1. Eye color cards
2. Hair color cards
3. Hair length cards
4. Height cards
5. Hair characteristic cards
6. Random survey of 60 males
7. Random survey of 60 females
1. Height. Ask which height they prefer.
2. Eye Color. Ask what color eyes they prefer.
3. Hair Color. Ask what hair color they prefer.
4. Hair...
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