Human Impact of the Marine Enviroment

Topics: Ocean, Coral reef, Marine biology Pages: 6 (1905 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Coastal construction
This effects the marine environment in many ways, dredging has a big impact on marine eco systems dredging wrecks reefs and destroys the homes for manor many organisms. When this happens the dirt from the bottom dirties the water up and it makes it harder for fish to see and hunt for their food. Artificial reefs are a positive impact humans have on the marine environment. Doing this builds homes for fish and organisms. It has a big impact on the food chain for fish also. Little fish gather around the reefs and bigger fish eat the little fish and large predators live on the outsides of the reef to feed on the smaller ones. There are acts that protect the ocean from this such as The Coastal Construction Control Line Program. The Coastal Construction Control Line Program is an essential element of Florida's coastal management program. It provides protection for Florida's beaches and dunes while assuring reasonable use of private property Adoption of a coastal construction control line establishes an area of jurisdiction in which special siting and design criteria are applied for construction and related activities

commercial/recreational fishing

Trawlers drag nets and gear across the ocean bottom they trap or kill almost all the fish, mollusks and other creatures they encounter. And the dragging destroys underwater features like reefs, turning the bottom to mud. A lot of different organism get caught in these nets. Dolphins, sea turtles and other fish that are not meant to be caught are killed. Churning up mud does immense harm. Fish cannot see in water that is murky with suspended sediment. The mud can also clog their gills and set off algae blooms, which, in turn, lead to vast increases in bacteria. Ultimately, the result is a dead zone. Over fishing is a big problem also recreational fisherman catch more than the required bag limit and it drastically reduces the amount fish in the ocean. If over fishing stops and trawelers and other commercial fishing reduces the amount of fish and marine organism will grow.


Mariculture is a specialized branch of aquaculture involving the cultivation of marine organisms for food and other products in the open ocean, an enclosed section of the ocean, or in tanks, ponds or raceways which are filled with seawater. An example of the latter is the farming of marine fish, including finfish and shellfish, or oysters and seaweed in saltwater ponds. Non-food products produced by mariculture include: fish meal, nutrient agar, jewelry, and cosmetics. Sustainable mariculture promises economic and environmental benefits. Economies of scale imply that ranching can produce fish at lower cost than industrial fishing, leading to better human diets and the gradual elimination of unsustainable fisheries. Maricultured fish are also perceived to be of higher quality than fish raised in ponds or tanks, and offer more diverse choice of species. Consistent supply and quality control has enabled integration in food market channels

chemical pollution
Marine organisms face an increasing barrage of stresses. noise and disturbance from ship traffic and offshore development, competition with fisheries for food resources, and the impacts that may be occurring with a changing climate. Some species have yet to recover from prior commercial hunting, and many face the threats of oil spills, poisoning by planktonic toxins, incidental capture in fishing nets, and infectious disease. There are a number of possible effects that contaminants can have on marine organisms. These include infertility and reproductive failure, birth defects, cancer, behavioral change, immune and nervous system dysfunction, damage to kidneys, liver and other organs, and alteration of hormone levels. The stress induced by chemical pollutants may also combine with other stressors--natural or human-induced--thereby compounding the impacts and making it increasingly difficult for an animal to cope...
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