Human Genetic Engineering

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  • Published : November 11, 2011
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Human Genetic Engineering

Human Genetic Engineering is the alteration of genetic material. As science is improving as so does our need to make the world a “better” place. Technological advancements have let us cloned many animals but the next step you say? The next step is human engineering, as humans of perfection; we are always trying to find ways to make things better than others. They are able to manipulate the human genome and to cure the world of diseases. Scientists are able to make the perfect humans, stronger, faster, smarter, and no deformity. As humans should react, many problems rise up about “what being human really means?” Science is moving faster than moral understanding. Values, morals, and our humanity are thrown at the table, not knowing if we will be torn apart our live peacefully in a utopian world. Well first of all, the main goal of human engineering is to be able to wipe out the world of all types of diseases. Since as long as we can remember, humans have been plagued by many diseases that affect our mind and bodies. That’s where human engineering comes into play, being able to manipulate the genes in each person, in order to prevent diseases like cystic fibrosis, TaySachs, and Huntington's to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer from ever happening. “Genetic intervention” is seen as a way to help the ones who are in need, due to some kind of physical or mental sickness, find out what it is and get rid of it. Bring that person back to normal state of being so they don’t have to live with the problems that come with being sick. (Genes and the Future of people, para. 1). That is what all this is about; people don’t have to take anymore pills, no more going into treatments, or any type of surgery since no one in the world will have a disease or any kind of limitation to their health. Scientists will always want to find a way to do things better to “fix” things but what happens when people do it just to enhance their bodies for all the...
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