Human Emotions

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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C. SCRAMBLED LETTERS. Figure out the correct answer to every question by unscrambling the given letters to form the correct answer. Write the answer on the boxes shaded with gray before each item. |1 | |F G E I R |There are many different degrees of it that we experience as a result of something we have lost or painful emotions we have experienced. | |2 | |E V L O |Possibly the most sought-after human emotions. Feelings of affection to a particular person or animal are most associated with it. | |3 | |S D N E S A S |A feeling where people think is the slightest emotion but the hardest to predict. | |4 | |S P U R I E S R |It is a sudden emotion and can also include being bewildered, amazed, astonished, or being startled by someone or something. | |5 | |R A G N E |It can be felt on a range of intensity going from slight irritation to totally frustrated. | |6 | |R F A E |Likely known as the emotions most people avoid feeling. A survival mechanism, it is a emotion that has unpleasant side effects. | |7 | |H N M U A |Is the generic term for subjective, conscious experience that is characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological | | | |E O T I M O S N |reactions, and mental states. | |8 | |A X N E I Y T |It can be difficult to describe. Nervousness...
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