Human Being A Machine

Topics: Computer, Alan Turing, Thought Pages: 2 (980 words) Published: November 18, 2014
The history starts in 1952, where Alan Turing, a math professor, arrives home and finds his apartment with a number of things missing, but nothing of great value, so as a normal person do, he called the police. The police come in and after some questioning, he explained that he believed to be a friend of his boyfriend, Alan was never ashamed of his sexuality, but at that time the law criminalized relations between homosexuals, and for his surprise, he got arrested. Alan Turing was an extraordinary man, he started his journey at privet School, kind like boarding school. Dark hair weird face, was teased a lot and many times bullied, but history says that he was not a unhappy boy and just like any other teenager he had a crushed on a student of his class, called Cris, But he was too shy to talk to him so he just followed him, Just like we all did some time. But Cris died and that came as a shock to little Alan who became obsessed for Math. Alan started living in two different world where he could be free with his thoughts and the really where he had so many social barriers. He started living in a world that James Gleick ( The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood) describes as “Extraordinary world of abstraction”. Alan than began his long journey of thinking and discovering and started questioning: Is there a quick automatic way to proof or disproof a mathematical proposition: that questioning led Alan to ideas of a Machine, a machine that could think, respond and do anything, but that was the most impractical machine and never was meant to be built, but the idea was very simple, it only needed three steps. Number one: Piece of tape that is infinite long, therefore it already does not exist. Number two: Need to be able to read and write ones and zeros. Number three: A set of instructions.

Simple, right: with this he proved that the machine could do many things, that all could be done through mechanic mathematics. But people were not convinced , putting...
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