Human Behaviour

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Reinforcement Pages: 4 (1464 words) Published: May 11, 2013
In this assignment I’m going to discuss the role of environmental on human behaviour and performance by identifying human behaviour in different sections. Behaviour – the psychical activity of organism. Environment – the external surroundings within which the organism lives, organism external factors effect the development or behaviour. Human performance – the effectiveness with which tasks or purposeful activities are carried out or accomplished by people in the work place etc. I’m going to look at bandura et al (1963), b.f.skinner (1971) and loftus and pickrell (1995) to assess how environment plays an important part in human behaviour and what other things other than environment effects human behaviour. A Bobo doll is an inflated five-foot-tall toy which was used in the Bandura et. al. (1963) experiment. the experiment took place at Stanford university and a total of 96 children of equal number of boys and girls who attended the university nursery school participated in the experiment. They were aged about 3-6 years old the average age was 4 years and 4 months. Each child did the experiment individually and they were allocated to the one of the four groups. There were 24 children in each group. In group 1 the child observed a live model behaving aggressively towards a Bobo doll. Group 2 the child observed a film of the live model behaving aggressively towards the Bobo doll. Group 3 the child observed a 'fantasy' model behaving aggressively towards the Bobo doll. Group 4 the child did not observe any aggressive behaviour towards the Bobo doll. The three conditions are defined to experiment conditions as they were conditions involving exposure to aggressive behaviour. With group 4 that is defined as the control condition as there was no exposure to aggressive behaviour as control condition is needed to see if the children that seen no aggression towards the Bobo doll...
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