Human Acts

Topics: Morality, Religion, Reason Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: July 11, 2011
I.Definition of Terms
1.)Human acts – Acts that are done with intellect, will, knowledge and consent. 2.)Acts of human – Acts that do not involve intellect, rationality and will such as breathing. 3.)Dictates of Reason – Shared consciousness of wise people about manner of action or behavior 4.)Choice – An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. 5.)Conscience – Ability or a faculty that distinguishes whether one’s actions are right or wrong.


1.)Human persons have the capability of determining fate of their lives by having decisions influenced by intellect and will. 2.)Human acts are results of choices as free persons in accordance with truth. 3.)Only human acts are moral acts.

4.)In other terms, human acts are acts which proceed from a deliberate freewill. 5.)Man is responsible for his actions and these are either in agreement or disagreement with the dictates of reason. 6.)Man is considered to be the father of his acts when he acts in a deliberate manner. 7.)Human acts are either morally good or morally bad, and their goodness or badness is imputed to man. As a consequence, they are worthy of praise or blame, deserving reward or punishment. 8.)Acts of man are not voluntary for they are done without the use of intellect and will. 9.)Acts of man tend to be instinctive actions of man.

10.)Lastly, human acts are determined whether as good or evil based on the object, intention, and the circumstances.


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