Hulme Case Study

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Hulme grew for one main reason which was the industrial revolution. The whole of Manchester generally was one of the huge industrial epicentres in the UK. Hulme initially was just farmland until the industrial revolution swept through the town and economically transformed the region. The industrial revolution also brought some migrants from other countries, such as Northern Ireland, who were looking for work. The rapid influx of workers that worked in the mills made them expand very quickly which brought change to the area.

Due to the 50-fold increase in the amount of workers working in Hulme in the 1950s, the government had to find a cheap, quick way of making houses. They resorted to terraced housing. They had to knock down the old bombed out houses that were a result of the German bombing raids in the Second World War, these were dilapidated and wasted useful space. Terraced housing was ideal at the time because it was cheap, quick to make and didn’t require much space. T followed a “grid iron pattern” However it did create some disadvantages. It caused diseases and fires to spread quickly due to the cramped conditions; each house didn’t have many amenities which wasn’t very helpful. These houses clearly weren’t of a very high standard or quality as the government had to make them as quickly as they could.

Due to the vast amount of problems that terraced housing brought to Hulme, they were cleared and were replaced with over 55,000 new homes, both high & low rise. Some of them were designed based on “A Crescent”, these designs won many awards to start with. They had long corridors, poor heating and were poorly built. At the time they were a genius idea because they were built upwards in order to save space which wasn’t thought of before.

There were many problems associated with the Crescent designed tower blocks. Later it was realised that it was designed poorly and maintenance meant that the crescents introduced their own problems. Design flaws and...
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