Topics: Edward VI of England, Mary I of England, Henry VIII of England Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Эдуард VI Тюдор

Edward VI
Edward VI Tudor
Edward VI Tudor
Life: October 12, 1537 - July 6, 1553
Reign: January 28, 1547 - July 6, 1553
Father: Henry VIII
Mother: Jane Seymour
Edward was 10 years old when he died his father Henry VIII. According to her father's young king had to take care of the 16 board of regents, but the actual power to seize the Duke of Somerset. Edward was a sickly child (probably it was congenital syphilis or tuberculosis). The only thing that interested him greatly in his life, it was theology. At 8 years old, he knew Latin, 13 - French and Greek, independently translated the book and study the scriptures, and in spite of her young age became fascinated by the Reformation. In 1551, as a result of the intrigues of John Dudley, Earl of Warwick, Somerset and managed to dislodge the young king to subdue their influence. Later, he was granted the title of Duke of Northumberland. He managed to suppress a peasant uprising and make peace with Scotland and France, had just declared war on Britain. At the same time, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cranmer reformed the church books and rites. Was published "The Book of Prayer," which recognized the unnecessary liturgy, altars, wands, church ornaments and completely changed the content of many prayers. Under Edward were removed from their posts, many bishops "conservatives" and it Edward, still a child, do not hesitate to sign the death penalty Catholics. Meanwhile, released from prison Somerset began building plots against Northumberland and demanded to stop religious persecution. Northumberland in response launched a campaign to discredit Somerset. To prove his involvement in plotting a coup failed, but in 1552, Somerset was executed for his part in illegal gatherings. In order to consolidate its position near the throne, Northumberland persuaded Edward to bequeath the throne Jane Grey, granddaughter of Henry VII, which is planned to eventually marry the Duke with his son. Three...
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