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The Invention of Hugo Cabret
(Note I cited the quotes Part; Chapter; Paragraph)
The Invention of Hugo Cabret is a very diverse and complicated novel where images have an equal importance to the story as words. The story is set in the heart of Paris with the great monument, the Eiffel tower, looming over the train station where the whole story is basically set. Throughout the story we are accompanied by three main characters Papa Georges, Hugo and the heroine Isabelle. Papa Georges, the refined character who held all of his thoughts together. He changed dramatically throughout the novel and is trying to contain his personal thoughts ,which finally came out at the arrival of Hugo. Isabelle is a Bookworm who loves to express herself in a more verbal tone. Isabelle is the key to the change between Georges and Hugo. Isabelle, understanding the truth of her very own dad, supports Papa Georges whilst giving him the real facts on what he is hiding. That brings us to Hugo the hero of the book. Hugo once an orphan boy fighting for survival turns his lie upside down. He begins to believe in himself and gain many key values along the way. Papa Georges, an old man with a minute build but very expressional face. He was a total mess at the start of the novel, containing many of his personal problems to himself, even keeping them away from his very own family. Papa George was at the verge of a mental breakdown. He then understands the true meaning of life and begins to accept people for who they really are I.E Hugo. Papa Georges is only at this state as Hugo remembers himself as a child in the past, the past is too painful with the loss of his business. He went from a famous movie maker/magician to a lonely bitter shopkeeper. The only way seems to turn back and forget the past. (2.2.16) (“HA!” he cried. “How could this be mine? I am not an artist. I am nothing! I’m a penniless merchant, a prisoner! A shell! A windup toy”)

Hugo was the storybook character did not exactly...
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