Huck Finn

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, White people Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: February 6, 2013
In the article that I chose, it talks about the important and the significance female characters in the novel. These female character, although play minor roles. They help portray the narrator’s journey for his destiny. Ellison feels that their roles were necessary to strengthen the novel to carry the plot of the novel. In Invisible Man, Ellison portrays two sexes as separate individuals. He creates a sex and a color line as well in his novel, and compares and contrasts the traits of black and white women characters in the novel. The writer then describes the white female and black female character. The white characters (women) were very important in the novel. In the novel, a white female, saved the narrator life after he made the eviction speech. Also a white woman, Edna, put a welcome mat to the Brotherhood. And it was a white woman who came to the protagonist's rescue and took care of him after a humiliating episode where he was asked to sing and entertain the white people. I used this article because I felt that it was important, for American idenitiy. Women , play a important role in American, as it does in the novel. I feel that the reason women, although played a minor role, it helped the protagonist overcome situations. I feel Ellison (author) did this because he knows how important women truly are. During the time of the novel, 1950s, women weren't treated as they are now. In America, we now know how important women are and how we can't have an american identity without women. This article uses Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man to consider the requirements of existentialism to be related to racial experience. In the article it explains Black existentialism as distinguished from white existentialism by its focus on anti-black racism. Black existentialism is similar to white existentialism in its requirement to a moral stand point. Ralph Ellison's invisible man displays good faith near the end of the novel by assuming responsibility for his particular...
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