Huck's Book Summary

Topics: Dog, New Jersey, New York City Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: January 23, 2013
You must have seen the posters of “Lost Dog” or “Lost Cat” posted on the poles on the sidewalks or the fences before, but never heard the good news from any of all the lost pets. Have you think about why? I refer that those pets owner don’t have the same undaunted determination as the family did in this book. Huck is a heartwarming book about the virtues that matter in our lives - encouragements, patience, hopes, companionship, and unconditional love. The writer Janet Elder authored this story based on a true story of her family and her own lovely dog Huck.

Getting a pet is not always a good option for a family which has two busy parents and especially lives in an apartment of New York City. Even their son Michael is their favorite and the only son, they cannot afford of the demanding of keeping a dog. The issue of “Who can walk or take care of the dog if we both are at work?” has already made the parents given up their mind to have a dog in their apartment. But some incident changed the current circumstance differently. When Janet was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer, she has made up her mind to allow Michael to have a dog which he has been dreaming of. Everything turns out as a good result after the family got a new puppy poodle Huck. They love the dog really much and have all the problems solved. However, an accident happened when Michael’s family is on a vacation in California. Huck has run away from Janet’s sister’s house in New Jersey.

It’s a beginning of a daybreak-to-darkness search of Huck. Getting lost in an unfamiliar town in New Jersey dramatically decreases the possibility of finding itself a way home to Janet’s sister Barbara’s house which makes the search become a lot harder. Michael’s family and Barbara’s family started to think the ways to find Huck out. They made flyers, asked people for helps an even offer reward for the person who can find Huck. Rich received some calls after they gave out the flyers, he got the tips of...
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