Html Notes in Creating Frames

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HOW TO CREATE FRAMESAll frames are created using the <frameset> tag. This essentially makes up the "master" page, which will "contain" the pages that users actually see. The "master" page, with the <frameset> tag, replaces the <body> tag, meaning you DO NOT use the <body> tag anywhere inside this master page. This master page is than fitted with the individual pages that are "put" inside it. Ok, lets have a look at how exactly this is done: The following example creates a page with two frames: //master page<html><head><title>My example</title></head><frameset cols="30%,50%"><frame src="page1.htm"><frame src="page2.htm"></frameset></html>| page1

| page2|
Page1.htm and Page2.htm are created separately as "normal" html pages, and are contained within this master page. We used the keyword "cols" to indicate that we want to define column frames. To create rows instead, simply use the keyword "rows": <html><frameset rows="50%,50%"><frame src="page1.htm"><frame src="page2.htm"></frameset></html>| page1

In both of these examples, we used percentage as the width measurement. You could also use pixels, with some caution, however: <html><frameset cols="100,200,340"><frame src="page1.htm"><frame src="page2.htm"><frame src="page3.htm"></frameset></html>| page1

| page2| page3|
If you add up the total width (100+200+340=640), this will equal the width of a screen at resolution 640*480. Most 14' screens are set...
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