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Topics: Personality psychology, Employment, Big Five personality traits Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: April 9, 2013
1.Evaluate each of the alternative approaches as suggested in the case for solving the problem of selecting patient escorts.

Application form provides information on personal particulars, education, prior work record, and skills. It helps judgement about the applicant's edcucation and experience qualifications, conclusion about the applicant's pervious progress and growth, indication of the applicant's employment stability, prediction about which candidate is likely to succeed on the job. Therefore, the information from the application blank are very important. Asking about applicants hobbies, outside activities, and their personal likes and dislikes on the application blank is a good approaches as suggested in the case for solving the problem of selecting patient escorts. Seen the information are useful for understanding the personality of applcants, it would be decrease the risk of patients were treated rudely.

It is also a good suggestion that each applicant be asked to submit three letters of recommendation from people who know the applicant well. with the require of three recommendation letters focus on the prospective employee's personality, it helps the selection of the applicant's ability to remain friendly and polite at all times.

I agree that the hospital's interviewing procedure should be modified as during the interview little attempt is made to determine how the applicant reacts under stress. If applicants were asked four or five stress-producing questions, the hospital might be in a better position to judge their ability to work with irritable patients. And there is no more excue for them that patients are generally irritable as a result of their illness and hence are prone to complain at even the slightest provocation. Because they were judged their ability to work with irritable patients.

Personality tests use trait inventiries to measure basic aspects of an applicant's personality, such as openness to experience, conscientiousness,...
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