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Topics: Flight attendant, Human resource management, Aircraft Pages: 17 (3433 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Group Assignment: Human Resources Development
1. Introduction
The history of Vietnam Airlines (VNA) was started from January 1956, with only 5 airplanes. Vietnam Airlines has gone through the journey of development in order to become a popular and reliable airline in the region. In the period of 1976-1980 the Civil Air of Viet Nam became official member of International Civil Air Organization (ICAO), called Viet Nam Civil Air. In more than 48 years, VNA has changed, developed, enlarged and improved ceaselessly at its quality of both services and flights to become an international standard Airline. Within the last 15 years of development with the average annual growth rate of more than 10% (except the Asian financial crisis in 1997), Vietnam Airlines has incessantly developed and risen to become a prestigious and qualified Airline in Asia. With the strength of modern fleets, VNA also opens a lot of new domestic and international routes. Today, VNA is expanding and co-operating its network up to 20 cities all over the country and 38 international destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. In Oct.2003, VNA received and launched the first modern airplane with prominent functions Boeing 777 of six ordered Boeing 777 airplanes from Boeing. To position international recognized brand as young and modern airlines, Vietnam Airlines has implemented strategy of developing airplanes by ordering new airplanes, improving airplanes to gain the target of being the large Airline in the Asia. It is expected to reach 115 modern airplanes in 2015 and 150 airplanes in 2020 such as: Airbus A350-900, Boeing 787…  

During the growth journey of VNA, one of major resources is flight attendants. At the beginning dates of establishment, the all flight attendants who implemented air task on some kinds of planes such as: AN-24, TU-134, YAK-40… and mainly explored domestic destinations. Through each development stage, the flight attendant staff has continuously being developed. As of early 2012, the total flight attendant is up to 2.222 who are qualified and experienced to thoughtfully serve and work on modern airplanes such as Boeing, Airbus, Foker, ATR72 in order to carry out air exploiting plans of VNA who is known as a young, safe and dynamic Airlines with modern airplanes, young and hospitable flight attendants. VNA’s strategy to the flight attendants is “To bring world to Viet Nam and bring Vietnamese culture to the world”.

In order to execute the above strategy, VNA has developed and implemented the Human Resources Development program being applied to flight attendant resource. The initial training helps every new hired flight attendant resource to meet required standards, and another short term and long term training programs being conducted in every year to grow international standard of capabilities of the flight attendants. It is a huge and long-term plan that requires co-operations across functions in VNA to carry out the plan.

This research focuses on Human Resources Development activities of VNA, in which the development of flight attendants are major.

2. Why Vietnam Airlines:

Vietnam Airline is considered as National Airline that has successfully developed and grown strongly in last decade and is a pride of Vietnam. We found by chance that VNA has huge resources and has committed to invest in growing his human capitals which is a key asset and strategy to develop a sustainability of Vietnam aviation industry. This excites us and inspires us to choose VNA for the research.

3. Scope of research

Based on the strategy of developing Flight Attendants in the journey of 2010 – 2012, this research will focus on the stages of Human Resources Development that VNA has implemented in order to “To bring world to Viet Nam and bring Vietnamese culture to the world”. We are going to collect real data of VNA’s human resources development, focus on analyzing, assessing real activities of developing VNA flight attendant...
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