Hp Case

Topics: Board of directors, Carly Fiorina, Corporate governance Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: November 15, 2010
. Over the time covered here, did Hewlett-Packards board of directors fulfill its duties to the company’s share owners? Explain how it met or did not meet basic duties. He did not fulfill his duties to the company. The board directors let a few influence their decisions. They did not take their decisions based solely on what was best for the company and their shareholders. It became a war between board members for control. 2. What different perspectives on the role of the board are revealed in this story? The role of the board is to balance, mediate, and reconcile the competing powers and interests of owners and managers. The board took it role of overseeing the interest of the owners and the profitability of the company very seriously when they vote to fire Fiorina. The board realized that is was important for the company to have as CEO someone who could move faster than her to recruit and retain talent, boost revenues and increase profits. 3. Was Carly Fiorina treated fairly by the board? Why or why not? In a way CEO Ms. Fiorina was not treaty fairly by the board. The constant leak of the information serves as proof on the unethical behavior of board’s members. However, Ms. Fiorina’s centralized management policy made that almost every decision went through her. She resisted efforts by board members to enter into the management process. I am not excusing the board directors’ actions, but Ms. Fiorina’s policies and personality had turned the board into an armed camp, engraved with paranoia and divided against itself. 4. Were the leak investigations overseen by Patricia Dunn useful and important? Were they ethical? The leak of information that Patricia Dunn was not pursuing was not useful or important. However, the leak involved an ethical concern. 5. Should George Keyworth have been asked to resign? Why or why not? Yes he should never had discuss with the media information that he was not authorized to discuss, even more after there were suspicions of a...
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