How I Will Become Rich

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Health, Capital accumulation Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: June 27, 2012
Tina Goon
I Vernon
28 June 2011
How I will become rich
How will I become rich? Being rich has different meanings for different people. The term rich can also be applied to the accumulation of other things besides wealth. Things like good health, close relationships with family and friends, a rewarding career, and enjoyable hobbies can make people feel rich as well. Would I like to be rich in wealth? Of Course I would, who wouldn’t, but being rich in wealth without being rich in life would in my opinion to be pointless. Being in good health allows a person to enjoy life with or without having money. Not having to go to the doctor constantly for things such as heart trouble, diabetes, depression, or arthritis is a blessing. When we can be mobile without pain to do even the simplest of things, this allows us to live an enjoyable life.

I could be a person without the convenience of monetary value and have a wonderful family and friends to share my life with that would make me rich in life. No one can put a price on having a family that is there for you through good times and bad. When the time comes that you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to just listen to you vent, nothing beats family and friends. True friends will always pick you up when you fall or stumble, share secrets with you, and they will be the first to give you a swift kick in the pants to get you back on track.

A good career in an established business contributes to a life of not only money but a sense of self-worth. To achieve a good career I would need to complete my bachelor’s degree at Cleveland State University, which will help me land a good job after graduation. When one is lucky enough to get into that dream job, hard work and determination to succeed become top priority. My classes at CSU have helped prepare me to do just that. All of the projects and papers have shown me how to push through even the toughest assignments. With these assets I know I could become a...
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