How I Got Smart

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How I Got Smart

The essay “How I Got Smart” by Steve Brody explains how as a young boy he hated school until his sophomore year. Brody’s grades until then were horrible and upsetting to his father to see (152-153). Then he found a passion for knowledge and education through a girl named Debbie whom he fell in love with, was much smarter. Brody gets an idea and purchases an encyclopedia (first volume) to win her love by being smart (153). On several occasions Brody impresses Debbie and even impressed his class with all the knowledge he gained from the encyclopedia (153-155). In the end, Brody discovers that Debbie was in a relationship with a hockey player from another school with a C+ average. Brody felt hurt and betrayed but in time he recovered from his crush on Debbie. As time went on she became a fleeting memory that had moved from the neighborhood to another school (155). Brody realizes that his original incentive to learn was gone and that he developed a thirst for knowledge (156).

I really liked this story because I had the same experience in my freshman year of college while attending Naugatuck Valley Community College. I learned about certain things that motivated me to do better. I was having great difficulty in my Introductory to Algebra class. The material was very boring and the teacher would give me tests that I would fail, time and time again. I would continue in this downward spiral until I reached a point where I had to withdraw from this course. I was discouraged for a short period of time until my parents had a nice talk with me. Their pep talk motivated me to do better and I strived to wrestle with Algebra again during the semester break. The teacher made the course interesting and fun as she had added humor to her way of teaching to get things across to the class. Because I...
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