How Would the World Be Different in Adolf Hitler Never Existed

Topics: Auschwitz concentration camp, The Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann Pages: 6 (2268 words) Published: January 27, 2011
How Would the World be Different in Adolf Hitler Never Existed? Imagine a world in which the Jewish population was much more prevalent. During the late 1930’s there were around 15 million Jews worldwide. However, by 1945 there were only 11 million Jews worldwide (Weinberg xii). How had there been such a drastic decrease in the Jewish population? The answer is one man: Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the dictator of Germany from 1934-1945. During this time, Hitler preached that there could only be one race, the master race. Anyone that did not look German or could not prove that they were not Jewish was forcefully executed in death camps. At these death camps, Jews were used as lab rats for doctors to experiment on. Hitler believed that the Jewish presence in Germany would kill Germany just like bacteria kills an organism (Koenigsberg 2). Hitler once said, “Once I really am in power, my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews" (Fleming 17). Overall, over 14 million people perished at the hands of Adolf Hitler. Without Hitler, there would be no holocaust, which would mean that there would be no laws against torture because the inhumanity that the Jews faced scripted the torture laws that exist today.

Due to the torture of humans during World War II and the Holocaust, the world today has much stricter laws regarding torture in wartime scenarios. During World War II and after, torture techniques against prisoners of war became more prevalent. Due to the torturous imprisonment of Jews and others during the Holocaust, strict wartime laws were established through the Geneva Convention. Article 27 of the fourth Geneva Convention shows why the Geneva Convention was created, “They shall at all times be humanely treated, and shall be protected especially against all acts of violence or threats thereof and against insults and public curiosity”(Geneva Convention). During the Holocaust, ghettos were used to house Jews before they were sent to the concentration camps. Ghettos were isolated parts of cities where Hitler placed Jewish families to separate them from the rest of the German society. Originally these ghettos were places where only old aged or sick Jews would go for the rest of their lives. However soon enough, entire communities were sent to ghettos. Jews didn’t have a choice in the matter because if they didn’t move they were shot on the spot. The most famous ghetto was in Warsaw, Poland. The Warsaw Ghetto housed over 400,000 people in an area that was only 2.4% of the city and in order to maintain that the Jews stayed within the ghetto, a 10 ft wall was built and armed guards constantly surrounded it (United States Holocaust Museum). Ghettos were forming all across Europe and there was nowhere Jews could run to escape the anti-Semitism and persecution. Spector shows that in the Ukraine there was tons of anti-Jewish propaganda that would appear in newspapers, films, and on television. Jews were forced out of their homes and forced to find shelter within the local population, which would blackmail them (qtd. in Arad 425). In Poltava, Ukraine according to a Soviet report, “The Jews were robbed of valuables, money, clothes, and shoes. They were shot, and their corpses were thrown into an antitank trench along with their children who were still alive. Throughout the night, people living nearby could hear the groans of dying people who had been buried alive” (Arad 177). Germans would routinely come around and gather up people and send them to designated killing centers, better known nowadays as concentration camps. In the movie, Schindler’s List they showed that life in the Krakow Ghetto was not an easy life to have. People are constantly starving to death and German forces would come in unannounced taking random people and pushing hundreds of them into train cars sending them off to various killing centers. People were forced to hide within the...
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