How Will the Baby Bonus Scheme Affect the Cbr in Singapore?

Topics: Total fertility rate, Economics, Demography Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Parents are given a cash gift up to S$4,000 to S$6,000 which is roughly the same as 20,000SEK to 30,000SEK. Most primary and secondary schools are free in Singapore however there are certain miscellaneous fees. College however is not free and can cost up to $400 month. The Singapore government also contributes with a dollar for dollar plan that matches the amount of money the parents contribute to their child’s savings account. The crude birth rate in Singapore has only gone up by 0.2% since 2001.1 The fertility rate is 1.11 children born per woman now of 2011.2 There are several current issues in Singapore such as limited natural fresh water, limited wasted disposal, limited land availability.3 There is also a very low unemployment rate a Singapore is ranked number 19 with 2.2% an unemployment rate of among all the countries in the world. For comparison Sweden is listed as number 97 with an unemployment rate of 8.40%.

The financial gift that is given to the parents contribute a little to the parents economy however not enough because the total coast of a child is so much more. The limited land availability is perhaps also a problem as it would forces people to live in small apartments choosing crammed housing and work over family in the urban city rather than being able to settle down and form a family in the sub-urban society further away from work. The crude birth rate and fertility rate will most likely stay roughly the same unless theres a larger change within the country which in that case could cause the fertility rate could drop or increase.

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