How to Write a Memo

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Benefits of writing Email
Time – fast communication; it can be delivered within seconds. •Convenience – with fast growing technology, you can easily access your email from anywhere and at anytime. •Internal/external – email can be used to communicate both internally and externally. •Cost effective

Documentation – provide extensive record for future reference.

How to write an effective email message
Recognize e-mail’s lack of privacy and corporate ownership. •Avoid casual and unprofessional tone.
Consider your audience
oLevel of knowledge
oTechnology needs
Identify yourself by name, affiliation, or title.
oInclude contact information for future correspondence.
Provide an effective subject line that summarizes the memo’s content. oBefore: sales
oAfter: report on quarterly sales
Keep your email message brief
oLimit your message to one screen
Organize your email message
oUse introductory sentences to inform your readers the purpose of this message. oIn the discussion, clarify your points
oUse the concluding sentences to tell the reader what is next. •Use highlighting techniques sparingly to avoid having parts of the message distorted. •Proofread your email message
Make hard copies for future reference
Be careful when sending attachments
oInform your readers that you have attached a file and specify the file name of your attachment •Practice netiquette
oBe courteous
oBe professional
oAvoid abusive, angry email messages

Benefits of instant messaging
Increased speed of communication
Collaboration by multiple users in different locations
A more “personal” link than email
Allows multitasking

Challenges of instant messaging
Lost productivity
Employee abuse
Security issues

Techniques for successful instant messaging
Choose the correct communication channel – use IM for speed and convenience. •Document important...
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