How to Think Big

Topics: Thought, Mind, Human Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: December 9, 2012
How to think big..???

Normally, people use to say that I use to think big.. But I question them that do they really no the meaning of thinking big.. We really can think big when we have set our own goals by our own selves and than we exceed them.. that’s the power of thinking big…!!

I personally have asked people, even my own companions that what is your view about thinking big..? But I never got any a great answer… But one of ma friend manju said that, “I feel what is there in thinking , whatever my mind will say to do I will do it…” that was her reply.. than I told if your mind will tell you to jump over from a 10 highted building.. will u?? She didn’t replied.. as I expected….She was shocked and was not able to speak anything…

Why we don’t understand that part that were success is concerned we are not measured in family back ground ; we are measured by the size of our thinking…How big we have the thinking ..that big we are… Have we ever asked our own selves that what is our weakness..?? D main weakness in every one is the fear…everyone has a fear of any a thing.. may be sum have the fear of water ,fire, and sum having the fear of having less attitude.. Seems so foolish but it is…and even I have sum or the other weakness. One of my friend chary ,is having a fear of height but she overcome with it, I told her that for a week you try to go at your terrace and sit over there for atleast 10 minutes. She tried and hopefully she was successful , and from that we can say that the one won who will fight with his own weakness will definitely succeed…

To everyone in this country whomsoever it would be just try to remove your negativity and fill it with the positive power…than just watch your life would be so smooth.. Things which create Things which create

Positive things in our Negative things in mind.
Our mind.

1. what is the sense of Lets do it …and lets...
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