How to Take a Bath

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How To Take A Bath
Thinking of taking a bath, the first thing that may come to mind would be which bubble bath your going to use or if your going to have enough time to soak. Usually you may be on a set schedule. The first step in taking a bath is washing the tub out. Washing the tub out helps cut down on many germs. It is up to the person if he or she cleans it out. Other steps you should follow when taking a bath is running the water, gathering the towels, and finally getting in to the tub.

First, the person taking the bath should set the water at a temperature they can stand. Getting the water too hot or too cold could have the person screaming or jumping out of the tub. Also make sure you do not run too much water , running too much water could make a big mess, that you would have to clean up.

Next, after running his or her bath water, a person should gather the wash cloth, and the bath towel. The wash cloth is small, and it is used for washing your face and the rest of your body parts. After the person has completed their bath the should use the big towel as known as the bath towel to dry off.

After gathering the towels, the person should hope in. The person should begin soaking their towel in the warm water. They should take the towel and begin to wipe their eyes, their nose and then they should clean their ears out. Re soak the towel and begin lathering the towel with the soap and wash you hands, chest, stomach, back, legs and then your feet. Rise the towel again and re soap, finally you will wash your private area, and rise the towel. After completing washing the private area you should rise off the body thoroughly and dry off.

Its important for a person to wash their body every day. Staying clean helps keep your body and skin healthy. Taking a bath can also help you to relax your body and smell real good.
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