How to Survive Your Freshman Year in College

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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How to Survive Freshman Year in College
College is the perfect intersection of freedom and young adulthood. Never again will a person be allowed to have that much fun while being responsible for so little. But as generations of students have learned the hard way, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by that freedom and go overboard. Students who’d never had a problem doing homework find themselves failing tests when there’s no one around to motivate them to attend class. People who’d always managed to have a thriving social life discover they’re constantly in solitary. It’s a fun but intimidating time, and the best way to get the most out of freshman year is to remember a few key things meet new people, go to the library, don’t go crazy during the week, go to class, and get involved in a club. Meeting new people is probably the most important step in order to have a successful first year at college, and it is also probably one of the easiest. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a dorm or living with your parents, there are plenty of ways to meet some people that share common interests. For starters, there are anywhere from 10-200 other people in your classes. Start talking to your neighbor. Not only can they help get through the long hour of your horrible class, but also you might have something in common with them. Also, go to the library with this person and cram for the final together. Who knows, the two of you might just stay in contact once the semester is over! 
 Upon hearing the word “library”, what probably comes to mind is, “That’s the last place I’m going to go” but, reconsider that thought. Trying to study in a dorm can be distracting, and studying at your house can be even harder because this is your “comfort zone”. In the library, the only distraction you’ll have is the cute boy sitting at the table across. And, if a snack is needed, there is a coffee shop located inside of the library. 
 I know it’s temping, but try not to go to parties...
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