How to Spot a Scam or Fraud in the Medical Field? Cite Examples.

Topics: Medicine, Fraud, Confidence trick Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Essay: How to spot a scam or fraud in the medical field? Cite examples. There are many way to spot a scam or fraud in the medical field. Medical frauds range from people posing as doctors and practicing without a license, to useless supplements, worthless or dangerous diet aides, fake medicines and cures for cancer. Making good health decisions is hard and sadly some immoral people make it even more difficult by attempting to deceive and cheat the sick. Not everyone knows enough about medicine to spot a medical fraud or scam but this essay will give you some places to start. Avoiding medical fraud is important because a delay in real treatment can create potentially deadly complications. You should know that some medical frauds are simply con artists. Some medical fraud is simply a con artist looking for a quick pay off, so you must know how to spot a con man. You also have to understand that many medical frauds are victims themselves. Many people who push bad medicine believe that they are actually helping because they have been fooled themselves by someone else. With these people the standard methods of spotting a con artist will not work because they honestly want to help. You should always check for the phrase "cure-all". If a person tells you something is a cure-all 99% of the time it is actually a cure-nothing. Real medicine recognizes that each disease is unique and so there is no single procedure or substance that can cure all. Check for a single cause theory will also help. The corollary to the cure-all fraud is the single cause theory. This is simply the claim that all diseases and conditions can be explained by a single cause. Common examples of this fraud include unbalanced energy or toxins. Asking about side effects is important. Anything that has an ability to affect your body positively could also affect it negatively. If a person tells you that their treatment never has any side effects, you are likely dealing with a fraud or scam. You must...
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