How to Solve the Dust in Cement Production Process

Topics: Crusher, Belt Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Stone processing and other mining resources in the production process will produce a lot of dust, dust both pollute the environment and gave the health of workers caused tremendous harm, and therefore in the process of stone production line, to find a solution to the dust is necessary. How to do, in order to effectively solve the problem of dust in the production process? 1, the crusher and conveyor machine the corner of the bag filter are updated to LNGM64-4 and LNGM4-8 baghouse. According to the characteristics of dust, water repellent and oil filter. LNGM4-8 baghouse open layout, its shell insulation and waterproof handle. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, the purchase of the key parts of the baghouse should pay attention to the brand and model specifications, in order to reduce the failure rate of the device. 2, To improve the process layout of the baghouse, the direction of the belt conveyor arrangement of crusher dust collector; ash bucket transformation baghouse standard dual HOPPER, so cancel a Taiwan screw conveyor. elevation baghouse, the arrangement of the inlet pipe (duct angle); set up in the air inlet into the bellows, so that the dust in crusher feed opening directly into the dust collector into the bellows, and save elbow reduce the resistance of the system, improve the collection efficiency. Ash bucket lock wind using single flap valve, and the abolition of separate compartments round under the feeder motor, to reduce secondary dust and improve the effect of dust. 3, the belt-corner dust constrained by site conditions, the chute and dust cover can not be changed, the layout of dust collected in the form of dust cover in a slightly negative pressure state to eliminate the dust of the belt conveyor. 4, should be beneficial to the life of the filter and the pulse valve, but also taking into account the hopper off the gray at the dust in order to improve the effect of dust in crusher and conveyor machine, crushing the...
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