How to Represent Gender

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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How does this text represent gender?
The genre of this text is an advertisement and the audience would be females with who are between the ages of 18-30 and mainly who live in Newcastle. However this text is a dual purpose as the primary purpose would be to persuade to come and join “The gate” nightclub. And the secondary purpose would to entertain. This text uses many different and effective language techniques to represent the gender (in this case woman).One way in which this text uses language to represent gender is through the use of semantic field of losing weight “Lost two pounds” “Still on the Atkins, Liz? “Analysing the graphology of this text you can see how the women are represented in this text in them being very thin however the semantic field of losing weight represents their gender but in a very stereotypical and critical way. In this case women have an obsession into looking stick thin as possible. Another way in which this text represents gender is how the lexis is used “Atkins” this word is short for Atkinson’s diet this word is used because this text is aimed for women and they know that Atkins is short or Atkinson’s diet therefore this is shared knowledge between the reader and advert. This reinforces the sense that this text is aimed for women as it represents the gender. There use of graphology is very effective as the text gives of the impression of women going out and like look fashionable like to dress up and to do their hair. On the other hand the graphology gives a negative impression of women as they are shown in being loud, very distributive and like to be in the spot light. However in this text all the women say “PHWOAR” to a man who was walking by this shows; switching gender roles as the women are pursing on the man which normally this is seen by men in doing. By doing this the women are turning the stereotype. As this clearly represent the genders roles of men and women. There is also another semantic field of food “Pizza” “Spicy...
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