How to Promote English Learning in Students with Special Needs

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Educational psychology, Attention Pages: 5 (1609 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Research update
By: Sandra Corpas Velasquez
* Academic articles
1. Title: Nothing works!' A case study using cognitive-behavioral interventions to engage parents, educators, and children in the management of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Author: Levine, Eva S., Anshel, Daphne J.

Source: Psychology in the Schools
Year: 2011
b) Currently, attention deficit disorder (ADHD) is one of mental health problems most frequently identified inchildren aged escolar.las consequences manifest themselves in social difficulties children to interact with their environment, and development of mental disorders who whose side effects on performance, leading to school failure. Today there are protocols of behavior based on the evidence for the management of impairments associated with ADHD, and yet the school psychologists are sometimes difficulties in which participating teachers and parents in the sustained implementation of these interventions. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can overcome obstacles with emphasis on education and addressing the disorder that presents including a strong emotional support, developing a collaborative environment, identifying the thoughts and assumptions that maintain maladaptive behavior patterns. c) the article mentioned above, is highly productive in the research project, because it shows clearly part of the origins of disorders and difficulties expressed in (ADHD) is also important, because it must take into account various attitudes taken as a teacher in the classroom that I am definitely not suitable for dealing with students with special needs, also highlight the role to be played by teachers and parents to work together for the proper conduct of the activities proposed.

2. Title: School-based treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Author: Schultz, Brandon K., Storer, Jennifer, Watabe, Yuko, Sadler, Joanna, Evans, Steven W. Source: Psychology in the Schools

Year: 2011
b) There are several sources of research about (ADHD), and their treatment in general, the affected student works not receive access to appropriate treatments for this problem, in spite of all consequences derived from this disorder, which causes difficulties in learning, teachers and administrative school staff. Several psychosocial interventional shows that in reading research are reflected good results. though the authors approach is anchored to the service provided to these children with special needs, based on opportunities to developing a cognitive-behavioral versus (ADHD). c) This article, it is important for my research project, that we as teachers not only fulfill an academic role in front of students, but a role focused on the opportunities afforded to children with these disorders, based on psychosocial interventions are the approach taken by the authors of everything related to the disorder (ADHD)

3. Title: Authentic Learning Experience Prepares Preservice Students to Teach Art to Children with Special Needs. Author: Bain, Christina, Hasio, Cindy
Source: Art Education
Year: 2011
b) The article focuses on the use of authentic learning experiences in art teacher education programs to prepare teachers to teach students with special needs in an art classroom setting. The authors address the limited instruction given to many preservice art teachers regarding the education of children with special needs. They emphasize the inclusion of students with special needs in the art classroom in school districts across the U.S. through the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The authors describe a course in which preservice art teachers were given experience with students with special needs. Topics include fair and appropriate education (FAPE), Individualized Education Plans (IEP), and the attitudes of the teachers toward the challenges of the program.

c) is very important because we can create new strategies for inclusion in the classroom to improve the...
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