How to Manage Time as a Student

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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How to Manage Time as a Student

It's crucial that students know how to manage their time. It can be hard to keep track of time with schoolwork and other activities that need to be done. I've got some great tips to help students or anyone else manage their time a little more easily.

Use Multiple To-Do Lists
At this stage in your life it is likely that one to-do list isn't enough. Use multiple lists to organize tasks by topic or context. For example, you might maintain separate lists for each area of your life, such as home (for grocery lists, bills, and household tasks), social (for lists of friends and family to call, email, or contact on Facebook), and school (obviously, for maintaining lists of school-related tasks, like assignments and meetings with professors).[i] Prioritise Your Activities

It's very easy to get caught up in small chores and tiny details and suddenly realise that your day has ended without you even getting started on an important project. Rather than waste time with the little things, sit down and prioritise the activities in your life. It may be that working is more important to you than singing in the choir, or getting tutored is more important than working. When you realise the activities which are truly important to you you'll be in a better position to make time for them. [ii] These could be something you do daily, or you could take a broader look at long-term plans such as for the term or the entire school-year. Hopefully the ideas presented in this packet, have supplemented or greatly improved your time management skills. -----------------------

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