How to: Make Melted Crayon Art

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How to Make Melted Crayon Art
Almost everybody has crayons lying around their house from when you were a kid, maybe you have kids, or you like coloring to pass time. In my case, I have hundreds of crayons that never get used and are from when I was like 6. Instead of throwing these old, broken crayons away I found an exciting way to bring them back to life and have fun with it.

What you need is crayons, hot glue gun and glue, a canvas of any size, a drop cloth, and a hair dryer.
The first step is peeling the labels off of the crayons. It is optional but recommended because it’s easier to tell the colors apart and it looks a little bit neater. It’s a pain and takes a long time to do so I did this ahead of time. Next you want to get the crayons ready and organize them into maybe a pattern or some kind of design. I’ve mostly seen rainbow being done and that’s what I’m going to do. You could do certain colors to make a theme or just random, anything you do still looks cool. (Get a crayon of each color out of bag)

Next you want to take your canvas and place it on a flat surface to make sure you are able to glue the crayons on it. I have mine set up in a pizza box instead so I can show you but a flat surface is the best way. Next, you want to line the flat end of the crayons to the top of the canvas and that is to make sure all the crayons are even.

After you have the crayons lined up slide them down and use the hot glue gun to put two short horizontal lines about an inch away from each other in place of the crayons. (Do it with marker) Your lines should look something like this. (Glue) You want to place the crayons on right away so the glue doesn’t dry and you should only do a few crayons at a time because like I just said, it hardens pretty quickly. (Place crayons) Once you have all the crayons glued on securely, you can start to blow dry them but make sure you have something underneath as you do this because it does get messy. I have a pizza box because...
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