How to Make an Egg Bounce

Topics: Research, Science fair, Science project Pages: 4 (937 words) Published: February 3, 2011
Name: Daija Warren Due Date: February 1st School: Lake Arbor Elementary School Grade: 6th Teacher: Mr.Debaun

Problem: How can I make an egg bounce?

Hypothesis- I think the hard-boiled egg is more likely to bounce because it is soft once you finish cooking it and the raw egg will be hard cause of the shell on it

“How to Make an Egg Bounce”

By Daija Warren
Lake Arbor Elementary School
February 1, 2011

I would like to thank my mom with helping me with my science project. She has helped me with researching the internet to find my science fair project. She helped me with finding the information that is needed to do my experiment and preparing my science proposals. She also helped me with researching the following information for my research paper.

Is it possible to make an egg bounce? That was the question I asked myself. Is it really possible? An egg seems to be too fragile to do that, but after researching the internet, I have found that some interesting experiments and science fair projects that can easily be done with eggs from the refrigerator. Eggs are not only a source of protein or a part of a delicious breakfast, but eggs can also be used in various science experiments.

At one time the most creative way that eggs were was at Easter time. They were colored, dyed, and decorated. There are a number of egg science projects that can be done, such as; eggs can be made to bounce; made to float; be made to spin; or even made to be sucked in a bottle.

Eggs are known to be resilient because of their exact shape. They are light and round. The weight of an egg is distributed around the egg’s shell. The strength of an egg can be determined by testing the weight and pressure that an egg shell can absorb in the nature of the egg experiment.

A raw or hardboiled egg can be used. The density of an egg will change depending on the experiment chosen. For instance when using vinegar in an...
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