How to Listen to Music

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Art history

My argument is on how to listen to music. I agree with some of points on how to listen to music that they wrote in our text book. For example that music is eternal, infinite and ideal, also that it does not express the passion, love , or the longing for this or the longing for someone. I feel music back in the time of the Greeks and the Egyptians was or should have been full of emotion, because of all the classical life experiences that molded civilized society today. There stories speak of how it was to live back in those days so naturally I feel their music should have reflected the same type of emotion too. There should have been songs about great battles won and the love they left behind to fight for their nation and for their children. They should also mention about the great love affairs in their songs. The musical instruments gave a feeling that they lived harmonious together with free love like in the 1970’s. The Harp a musical instrument from those times that is shaped like a heart gave off a wonderful also peaceful sound. I pictured when this harp let out music everyone was lying around by the public baths feeding each other grapes and making love. How they listened to their music in my opinion was a reflection on how they lived their life’s sort of regal above anything petty. I am in full agreement on how they lived there and how they expressed their musical views.
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