How to Kill a Mockingbird Q&a

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Northern Mockingbird, Great Depression Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: October 30, 2012
To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay Questions
1. The progression of maturing has a larger effect during a major accident. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird we explore the lives of two kids (Jem and Scout) growing up in the South during the great depression. A time when prejudice is high and equality is low. Yet even that couldn’t stop them from to joining the racist circle. The trial is a major part in the book, and it forced the kids to grow up. The trial revolved around Tom Robinson who was being convicted of raping a white woman. Before the trial both Jem and Scout were quite naïve. After the trial they realized a lot about the people of Maycomb. They learned about racial equality and the inequalities of reality. The trial made Jem grow up shown when he talks to his father about the justice system and rape. These are conversations that aren’t discussed with kids. The trial really hardened them because after it they no longer feared Boo Radley’s house. Jem made a statement saying that Boo won’t come out of his because he doesn’t want to. Show’s that they understand how his innocence is killed by Maycomb. Now in the book the trial compromises their maturing. In real life it is the same thing. For example you should expect someone to grow up after witnessing death, divorce, or something else very crucial. It affects them and stops seeing the world just black and white. 2. In the story “To Kill a Mockingbirds” Mockingbirds represent the innocent people who should not be harmed. The mockingbirds that was being harmed was from the children was Boo Radley. The adults of Maycomb were hurting Tom Robinson. What they both were doing was very wrong, but what was worse for the children or the adults to do it. Miss Maudie said that killing a mockingbird is a sin. I believe that it is more of a sin when an adult does it. Because children are to little know about morals, and aren’t that intelligent enough to know what there doing is wrong....
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